7 Tips For Moving With Kids

Veteran Moving Group - 7 Tips For Moving With Kids

7 Tips That Will Help Moving With Kids Much Easier

Moving with kids can be exciting, but it’s also one of the most stressful life events. Not only can moving be physically taxing, but you may also experience feelings of loss, anxiety and fear. It’s not just adults who experience these emotions. Kids struggle to adjust to a new home, too. 

Even a short move across town is a big deal for children who may have lived their entire lives in the same location. Moving a long distance means kids leave behind plenty of familiar people, including friends, relatives, teachers or even doctors and dentists. 

Regardless of how far you’re moving, expect it to have an impact on children. That’s why Veterans Moving Group came up with these seven ways to help kids prepare for a move. 


Always Be Honest With Your Kids. Tell them early and gently.

Kids need time to adjust, so tell them about the move as soon as you know it’s happening. Don’t wait until the night before the movers arrive. Waiting until the last minute to break the news will only cause more heartache for your kids. They need time to prepare and say their goodbyes. 

Help them understand the reason for your move. For example, if mom got a new job, tell them. If you need a bigger house or better schools, help them see how the move will help your family.


Your kids will be sad and possibly angry. Help validate your kids feelings.

Tell them it’s OK to feel those emotions and don’t try to talk them out of their feelings. Tell them you have big feelings about the move, too. It’s important for your kids to recognize that you may be sharing some of the same feelings. 

Be sure that your kids know that while the house will be different, their lives will remain largely the same, and make sure to point out the fun things they’ll get to do in their new community. Playgrounds, parks, extracurricular activities and other kids in the neighborhood are all great sales points. 


Show your kids their new house

Experts say kids transition more easily when they know what to expect, but kids may struggle to visualize what the new house or city looks like. If you can’t take them along on house-hunting trips, show them a video tour of the new place. Schedule tours at the new schools and meet with teachers, if possible. Use Google to look at parks, playgrounds and other fun activities in the new location.


Stick with routines

Children thrive when their daily routine follows an expected pattern. That’s why it’s important to establish a familiar routine as soon as possible after moving to the new house. If your child is used to eating dinner at 6 p.m., followed by a bath and bedtime at 8 p.m., do your best to keep to that schedule. 

Normalcy is also important to maintain. Organizing your kids’ bedrooms is a crucial first-day goal. Pack your kids’ bedrooms last in the old house and unpack them first in the new one. Kids will adjust better when they are surrounded by familiar items like blankets, toys and decor.


Give your kids some control

During a move, your kids may feel like they’ve lost control of their life. If you can, let them make some decisions. It can be as simple as whether to order pizza or Chinese food for the first meal in the new house. 

Here are some other examples:

  • Let them pick a color to paint their new room
  • Give kids a small box and let them pack their most prized possessions 
  • Allow kids to decide how their furniture gets arranged
  • Give older kids a budget and let them shop for new decor for their rooms


Be patient with kids, when you are about to change their environment.

Moving may be tough, but kids are resilient, and they will get through it. They will adjust to their new surroundings but expect it to take some time. During the adjustment period, be sensitive to their emotional needs. For example, younger kids may need more hugs than usual or may cry more often than normal. Tweens and teens may be moodier than usual or even act out and get angry. Give them space to express their feelings without fear of punishment.


Use a professional moving company, so everyone is less stressed. 

When mom and dad are stressed, the kids pick up on it. If you feel out of control and anxious, rest assured your kids will, too. 

Reduce your stress by letting an experienced moving company handle the physical parts of the move. From packing to loading to driving and unpacking, Veterans Moving Group can handle your move from start to finish.  Contact Veterans Moving Group today to learn how we can help!