8 Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Did you find yourself shaking your head at odd times, thinking about what you need to do next now that the closing papers for your new house have been signed? It’s alright, because we understand how confusing and sad it can be to leave the house where you have created so many memories.

At a time like this, you probably have many questions in your mind and no answers. To help you get along with the moving process, we are here to answer a few common moving questions.

Q1.Should I Hire Movers?

The million dollar question that everyone considers is whether they should hire a mover or not. Here’s the simple and easy answer: if you have time and money and you want to make moving less stressful, then consider hiring a mover.

Q2.How Do I Hire Dependable Movers?

Now that you have decided to hire movers, your next step is to search online. Browse through various mover services, ask for free quotes, and read reviews. Only then make a decision.

Q3.Do I Need to Tip the Movers?

If the moving fee includes the tip amount, then there’s no need to tip the movers separately. However, if you feel right and think the movers did an exceptional job, then it’s up to you to tip the movers. The average tipping amount is $30 per mover and $50 if it involves heavy items.

Q4.How Do I Find a Moving Truck?

All moving companies come with a moving truck. However, if you feel that you will need one more truck for moving small items on your own, you can easily rent one online.

Q5.What’s the Best Way to Deal with the Stress of Moving?

The movers will take care of packing the boxes and lifting them into the truck, so it’s best not to dwell on this side of moving. A great way to occupy yourself is to checkout your new neighborhood, find good schools for the kids, talk with your neighbors, and find out what local facilities are available nearby.

Q6.What Should I Do With the Stuff I Am Not Taking With Me?

You have a bunch of things that you are not planning to take with you to the new house and you are wondering what to do with them. Well, you have four options: put them up on Craigslist, hold a garage sale, donate it to charity, or recycle the stuff. The first two options will help you with your moving budget, so explore them first and then try the remaining two.

Q7.How Do I Stay Organized?

The best way to tackle packing is to always pack the basics and valuable first and then proceed to the furniture and other small items.

Q8.Are There Any Ways I Can Save On Moving?

Most of the moving cost lies in the packing, so call your friends and family to help you out. Recycle old boxes for packing and move most of the small valuable items through your car. This way, you might be able to move your entire house in just one trip.

And there you have it… 8 moving FAQs that will make this process easy for you. Happy moving and congratulations on your new house!

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