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A Complete Guide on the Necessary Supplies You Need in Order to Pack and Move

If you think that packing is just about stuffing things in a box and moving, you are wrong. Packing is more complex than stuffing boxes and hitting the road. You need to have at your disposal the right supplies to pack your things the right way. In failing to do so, you might damage your valuable belongings.

Following is the list of all the packing supplies you need in order to pack before you move.

Cartons and Boxes

Cartons or boxes are by far the most crucial components of the packing process. They keep our things safe and secure and make it easy for us to move them around. When packing your stuff, make sure that you have different sizes of boxes. The soft and non-breakable things must be kept in bigger boxes. The heavy and breakable object need to be kept in smaller boxes where there is less room for things to move around.

Protective Cushioning

Moving from one place is rough process. It has a lot to do with shifting things from one place to another. This packing and moving need to be done in a safe way to protect the valuable belongings. To prevent the things from wear and tear, apply some padding or cushioning before you pack. A bubble wrap is the most frequently used source of cushioning. An unorthodox way of padding delicate items is by wrapping them in old blankets and quilts.

Masking Tape

To seal the boxes that contain your belongings a tape is a good option to consider. Never settle for a sub-standard tape. The problem with such tapes is that they are cheap but have a lesser sticking power. Instead of using an ordinary tape, use a masking tape instead. A masking tape, although expensive has the capability to seal the boxes firmly. It keeps the boxes from opening on the way thus keeping your valuables safe.

Plastic Bags

The least celebrated plastic bags are lifesavers when it comes to packing and moving. When you are moving out there is a whole lot of things that go into garbage. It is here that the plastic bags come into play. Apart from taking out the trash these plastic bags can be used for more productive purposes. They are helpful when you have to move unbreakable things like pillows, towels and sheets.

Ropes and Straps

Whilst on the moving vehicle, things tend to move around, which may cause damage. In order to bind the boxes and cartons close together and keep them from moving, the sound be tied with straps and ropes. Straps and ropes limit the heavy object like furniture and appliances to the sides or to each other. In this way the heavy objects don’t move and stay intact.

These are the necessary supplies required to pack and move. If you have a hard time packing and moving, it is better to hire a professional moving service.

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