Planning To Move, How Early Should I Book Movers?

Veteran Moving Group - Planning To Move, How Early Should I Book Movers

So You’re Planning To Move And Wonder How Early You Should Book The Movers?

A cross-town or cross-country move requires a lot of planning on the front end. If you wait until the last minute to organize the move, then it probably will not go smoothly. Once you know you’re moving, your first step should be hiring a moving company. That’s because professional movers, especially those that handle long-distance relocations, are often booked weeks in advance. 

Recognize that moving an entire house involves many moving parts, so the more lead time you can give your moving company, the smoother the process will go. By scheduling your move early, you’ll have the time you need to manage moving-related tasks and get high-quality moving help on your preferred moving date. 

So, when should you book movers? How much notice does a moving company need to accommodate your move? A month? Two weeks?

Read on as your Central Florida professional movers at Veteran Moving Group help you learn how to time your move so you’re guaranteed to receive the high-quality services you expect.


How Far in Advance Should You Book Movers?

The short answer is, as early as possible. We know that answer is rather vague, so let’s get more specific using a few variables. 


How To Choose The Best Moving Date:

Some time periods are busier for moving companies. Late spring and summer are always the busiest seasons since many people plan moves when their kids are out of school. Additionally, holidays and the first few days or last few days of a month tend to be busier. If you plan to move during a peak time, schedule your movers at least two months in advance. That may seem excessive but remember that moving services are in high demand during these months. Most reputable moving companies will be booked rather far out. 

If you wait too long, your choices may be limited. You’ll have to settle for a lower-quality mover and probably will end up paying more. Outside of those peak times, you should be able to book your move about a month ahead of time to ensure your move is handled by an affordable, trustworthy moving company. 


How The Distance Of Your Move Factors In:

The farther you’re going, the sooner you should book. For the most part, if you’re moving across town, you can probably book as late as two weeks before the move. If it’s peak moving season, you may need to book a little sooner.  A cross-town move will take only a few hours so the moving company should be able to fit it into their schedule. If you’re moving within the same state, book at least four weeks in advance. This time period will give the company enough time to handle the logistics and planning. 

Cross-country moves should be booked well in advance. If you’re moving during an off-peak time, book eight weeks out; peak summer months usually require 12 weeks lead time. Long-distance moves often require the coordination of pick-ups and deliveries in different states. 

While some movers will make point-to-point deliveries, many look for ways to consolidate shipments from several clients. This takes a good deal of planning to ensure everything gets where it’s going on time. International moves take even more time to plan. Generally, you’ll need to provide a moving company with at least three months’ lead time. Moving abroad is much more complicated and requires plenty of prep time.


How The Size Of Your Move Plays A Part:

When deciding how early to book movers, you’ll need to consider how many items you have to move. Obviously, a home with multiple bedrooms, tons of dishes and glassware, household decor and collectibles will require more resources than a one-bedroom, sparsely furnished apartment. Therefore, if your home is large and filled with stuff, you should schedule sooner to ensure the moving company has time to gather the manpower, supplies and resources needed for the job. 


Weighing The Complexity of the Job:

Along the same lines, if your move involves items that require special handling, you should book further in advance. For example, some items require a special mode of transportation or customized supplies. Antique vehicles, some pianos, fragile antiques, pieces of fine art and the like often require special attention. In these cases, contact a moving company as soon as you know a move is imminent. They’ll have plenty of time to ensure everything that’s needed to safely move your items is available on the day of your move. 


Why You Should Always Book a Reputable Moving Company

As soon as you find a moving company you are comfortable with, we recommend booking right away. If you wait weeks, or even days, there’s a good chance the company won’t be available on your preferred dates. 

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