Do you want a stress free moving? Look no further than Veteran Moving Group! We will properly coordinate your move with diligence and care while providing superior service. Here are four advantages of employing Veteran Moving Group:

Time Management

When you’re moving on your own, there are only a couple things you can do beforehand, but when employing our local moving services in Polk County we can coordinate a time and dates for everything to be taken care of. Everything will be done in a professional manner, within your price budget without any last minute headaches.

Safe & Insured

One of our biggest compliments at Veteran Moving Group is our packaging, lets face it during that heavy picking up and down you’re more than likely to damage your furnitures. As professionals we can minimize the risks of your important heirloom’s from being lost, damaged, and torn. All of your items will be insured, so in a case of any accidents, you’re covered! Keeping your items safe is our #1 priority, so rest assured your in good hands.

Orginizing Is The Key

Do it yourself moves require help, and if your friends are helping with the move, there’s less of a chance for efficiency. Maybe, a couple packages are not labeled correctly and are piled in the wrong room. While this may not be a huge issue, it’s a waste of time! After all that heavy lifting, you don’t want to worry about sorting through mismatched boxes to find your items. Veteran Moving Group will make sure that every item is in its proper place and that every package is placed in the right room, the first time.

Professionals Staff Here To Help

We are the professionals! We have the knowledge and ability to help and guide you throughout the entire process and won’t leave until the job is completed, giving you complete relaxation as you setup your new home!

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