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Packing before moving out appears real simple. But the moment you start packing your stuff you realize that it’s much more than stuffing a few things in a box. Contrary to what you have imagined, there are a whole lot of things that need to be considered while packing, otherwise, it is easy to find yourself sitting in a big mess, clueless about how to fit your stuff in those boxes!

If you are in the middle of such a situation then continue reading. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss all the things you need to know before you start packing.

Follow a Schedule

When it comes to packing it doesn’t really matter how good you are for packing takes a lot of time. The best way to get more done in less time is to start early. You cannot afford to start just before the day you have to move. Start at least a few weeks before the move.  It helps to make a list of things that you need to pack first. To make things easy, pack the fragile and delegate things first.

Keep Your Supplies Handy

Packing can be a nerve-wracking job if you do not have all the supplies at hand. Considering the nature of stuff, make a checklist of packing supplies that you need. Arrange all the supplies before the eleventh hour knocks on your door. The things that you need are cartons, masking tape, scissors, shopping bags, and some bubble wrap.

Reserve a Space for Packing

Sometimes, packing your stuff can create chaos around the house. If you don’t want things to be all over the place, reserve a room specifically for packing. It will limit the process to a particular place and keep the rest of your house in order. Also, it is a good idea to keep your packing supplies in the space reserved for packing.

Stay Light

A common mistake that a majority of the people tend to commit is that they over-stuff the bigger boxes. Instead, try to fill bigger boxes with lighter and less fragile objects. The heavy and fragile stuff should be packed in small boxes. A downside of over-stuffing big boxes is that they cannot sustain themselves for a long time, causing damage to your valuables.

Make Use of Shopping Bags

To make things easy and save some space, make use of shopping bags. Soft, non-breakable items can easily fit into shopping bags. They can easily be stashed into the moving vehicle without the fear of breaking. They are flexible and do not occupy much space.

Pad Your Stuff

Before packing the heavy breakable things like machinery and decorative items, make sure you apply protective padding. A bubble wrap is a suitable option to wrap your things with before putting them in cartons. They protect the objects from damage caused by quick movements. Soft blankets and comforters can also serve as a good source of padding for the heavy and fragile objects.

Hang Your Clothes

When moving, do not pack your clothes in cartons and shopping bags. The best approach is to hang your clothes on hangers for easy transportation.


And there you have it. The seven things to consider while packing before you move out of a house!

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