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Aren’t you happy that you are finally done with the packing? We know how stressful the moving process can be and kudos to you for maintaining that level headed calm. Why don’t you go over the checklist one more time just to make sure that you packed everything?

Once the boxes have been loaded into the truck and the house is empty of all the things that you were supposed to take with you, you can take a deep relaxing breath. However, don’t just hand over the house keys to the new buyer just yet. We suggest doing one final sweep to make sure that nothing is left behind.

  1. Check Each Room

Go from room to room and see if you accidentally left something behind. If you have built-in wall closets, then check every drawer to make sure they are empty. Proceed to the attic, then to the storage space, basement and finally the garage. Some owners like to leave furniture and electronics behind as an incentive for the new owner. If you are doing this, then inspect them thoroughly to see if anything valuable was left inside.

  1. Check the Thermostat

Depending at what time of the year you are leaving the house; make sure the thermostat is well-adjusted according to the weather. The owners might come to a house that has frozen pipes or a high heating bill. This will cause a huge plumbing problem for them and leave a bad impression. Even though you are moving out, be considerate about the new movers so that they can move and settle in easily.

  1. Check House Security

Just because you are no longer the homeowner, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t leave the house secure. Vandalism is a real concern and a few points of entries that make it pretty easy for vandals to enter an empty house are windows, garage door and the basement’s ground opening.

  1. Don’t Forget to Clean the House

Again — yes, you are moving out but that doesn’t mean you leave the place trashed with garbage bags in every room. Not only you should declutter the place but sweep it clean so that the house is move-in ready. Once every nook and cranny has been cleaned, spray a light floral scent and then lock the door.

  1. Leave the Keys Behind

New homeowners find it really frustrating when an armoire or cupboards left behind are locked with no keys in sight. On top of the stress of moving in, they also have to call the locksmith to open and change the locks. It puts a kink in their moving time frame and creates difficulty for them. So make sure that every lock has its key in it and place the extra keys in a bowl.

  1. Leave a Note

A small gesture that many new homeowners appreciate is a personal note left by the previous owners. It doesn’t have to be a long letter of sorts by a welcoming card that wishes “congratulation”. You can even leave a phone book and set of instructions for them so that they can navigate the neighborhood and nearby facilities easily.

Remember, last minute cleaning is most important, so do add it to your existing checklist. With that being said, we are done here. You can head on over to your new house and pop that champagne bottle.

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