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Do you want a stress free moving? Look no further than Veteran Moving Group! We will properly coordinate your move with diligence and care while providing superior service. Here are four advantages of employing Veteran Moving Group:

Time Management

When you’re moving on your own, there are only a couple things you can do beforehand, but when employing our local moving services in Polk County we can coordinate a time and dates for everything to be taken care of. Everything will be done in a professional manner, within your price budget without any last minute headaches.

Safe & Insured

One of our biggest compliments at Veteran Moving Group is our packaging, lets face it during that heavy picking up and down you’re more than likely to damage your furnitures. As professionals we can minimize the risks of your important heirloom’s from being lost, damaged, and torn. All of your items will be insured, so in a case of any accidents, you’re covered! Keeping your items safe is our #1 priority, so rest assured your in good hands.

Orginizing Is The Key

Do it yourself moves require help, and if your friends are helping with the move, there’s less of a chance for efficiency. Maybe, a couple packages are not labeled correctly and are piled in the wrong room. While this may not be a huge issue, it’s a waste of time! After all that heavy lifting, you don’t want to worry about sorting through mismatched boxes to find your items. Veteran Moving Group will make sure that every item is in its proper place and that every package is placed in the right room, the first time.

Professionals Staff Here To Help

We are the professionals! We have the knowledge and ability to help and guide you throughout the entire process and won’t leave until the job is completed, giving you complete relaxation as you setup your new home!

Would you like a free quote? Call Us Today & (863) 875-2674 or Click Here and one of our moving specialist will contact you!

Veteran Moving Group - Long Distance Moving Services


If you’re looking to take the long haul across country to start your new life, you might want to consider some professional help! Moving is surely something that’s stressful for anyone. Hiring a reliable, and professional, moving company can be a complete benefit with your journey. They’ll most certainty be able to take some weight off you and not only be able to handle your belongings, but with a reliable vehicle.

Proficient Inter-City Moving

If you are moving to a brand new city, we can gladly accommodate you at the date and time you need us. We can pack, store, and move your belongings securely all while making sure nothing gets damaged in our vehicle. Expect a smooth ride for all your personal belongings, as our moving trucks and van’s are all well-maintained and ready for your unique journey. As reliable professionals we are also adept at packing and handling any large number of items, whether fragile or sturdy. Rest assured everything will remain in top-quality condition when they arrive, as when you entrusted them to us.

Our Guarantee

Nothing speaks louder than offering a hassle-free long distance moving experience. Aside from taking care of your personal items, we will work on a schedule, mapping route, and a proper schedule so your items arrive on time. We’ll certainly take care of all of these, all for simply reasonable and affordable rate.

What are you waiting for Call Us Today & (863) 875-2674 or Click Here and one of our moving specialist will contact you!

Veteran Moving Group - Packaging Services


Are you ready for the big move? When thing to always consider is proper packaging. Packing up a home or business is something many people make every effort to avoid, until the last minute. Veteran Moving Group is here so you don’t even have to lift a finger! Our professional packers will take care of all the prep work, organizing, and can even provide unpacking services once your belongings have been delivered. We strive to reduce your moving stress, as well as the risk of any damage to your most fragile items.

As a part of our professional packing/unpacking services, we always provide exterior box labels to help avoid any confusion on where a box might belong. All of our packing materials, including our pads and boxes, are of the highest quality and offered at the most reasonable price.

Veteran Moving Group is equipped to pack your entire home or business. Contact us today at (863) 875-2674 to find out how we can make your relocation task easier. We look forward to helping you save time with our trusted packing and unpacking services!

Veteran Moving Group - Packing & Moving Services


Whether you’re putting your personal items in storage or moving across the country Veteran Moving Group offers all the essential packing supplies.


Moving Boxes (All Sizes)

Wardrobe Boxes

Disc Locks

Packing Paper

Furniture Covers

Shrink Wrap

Packing Tape

Drop Cloths

Bubble Wrap

Popcorn Foam

If you have any questions, concerns or you’re needing assistance planning your out of state move consult with our friendly and professional by calling (863) 875-2674.

Veteran Moving Group - Winter Haven Moving Costs


At Veteran Moving Group we offer competitive pricing that won’t break the bank. We offer hourly rates on small moves, and fixed prices on larger projects. Get your free on-site estimates today by calling (863) 875-2674.


Competitive & Affordable Rates

7 days A Week Support

Moving Boxes & Expert Packaging

Experienced & Efficient moving Crews

Local, Long Distance & Commercial moving.

Reliable Local/Long Distance Trucks

Why use Veteran Moving Group?

We are Veteran Moving Group where the bigger your move, the more money you will save. Our movers are fast, courteous, and professional. Our trucks are dependable and designed to haul heavy loads safely. We take care of your furniture by blanketing and shrink wrapping each item to ensure that no damage is done to your belongings or to your home. When you move with us all of your belonging are covered for any damages. We are also licensed by the State of Florida. Veteran Moving Group has all the right equipment and tools to make your moving experience stress free. We specialize in house, apartment, and commercial moves and we will complete your move faster and with a better price than any other mover in Polk County.

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