I’ve used moving companies for 4 moves in the 5 years and Veteran Moving Group was the best experience by far! Not only were they careful with our furniture but they also helped when my son suffered a medical emergency – Thank you Chris, Tyrese and Tyric! In addition, Jason (co-owner) came out the following day Sunday to vacuum water from washing machine leak and didn’t charge anything – what a great guy – definitely went beyond the call of duty. Thank you again.

Thanks again for everything you and your team did!

Diuane Mate

As the best movers Winter Haven FL has to offer, we know that first impressions are a crucial first step in a healthy long-term relationship because they last well beyond that first call. How you’re greeted and treated on a first call often reflects the overall demeanor of a company and potentially identifies the level of professionalism you’ll receive throughout your moving journey. Let’s face it, first impressions can make or break an opportunity and are very hard to recover from if you don’t get the feeling that you or your items will receive the care and attention they deserve. Our customers are our mission; is our motto and the bedrock of what this company is built upon. When you contact us, you get a real authentic person on the phone who genuinely cares about you and the items you treasure most, you can hear it in the tone.

At Veteran Moving Group, you’re not treated or viewed as just a job or a number like most every other movers Winter Haven FL business. With us, you’re treated like family. Earning your business today is an important element but we want to take that a few steps further to the point you trust us with all your future moves and have the confidence to highly recommend us to your friends and family. Reviews and testimonials play a very important role when making a decision on something that will directly affect you and your family. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat or looking for a top-rated company to professionally move your belongings, you’ll find yourself focusing on what other people are saying. Chances are after skimming and reading through a handful of reviews you’ll know if it’s worth the time and effort to pick up the phone. How will you know if it really is a five-star company providing a five-star experience? If someone takes the time to write some genuine honest comments about their experience it resonates with people, good or bad a review with sustenance is far superior to just seeing a five-star review with no comment at all. Granted, if a customer has a bad experience statistically they’re more likely to leave a negative review than someone whose move went flawlessly, therefore when you’re unsure on who you can trust to serve you and your family with respect and professionalism look for movers Winter Haven FL with a five star rating because seeing a large number of five star reviews speaks volumes and is exactly the type of company you’ll want to work with because it shows consistency over a long period of time in a tough industry.

It’s not hard for someone to get frustrated during a long hot day working a physically demanding job so you can’t settle for mediocre and inconsistency. People and their belongings from all over the country and from all different walks of life have benefited from calling Veteran Moving Group because we exceed all of their expectations, treat them like family, carefully wrap, stack and relocate their life’s possessions safely from point A to point B. Regardless if it’s going across the street or across the nation; if it’s from a one bed apartment or a multi-level skyrise. The fundamental core values this company was built on is why we are the most-trusted, fastest-growing, five-star rated movers Winter Haven FL has. We are rapidly becoming a household name and the last moving company you’ll ever need. Like the Air Force, our motto is: Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence In Execution.

Oftentimes when we ask a client how they heard about us, more often than not they tell us they did a google search, looked for top rated companies, read the reviews and were impressed with a few customers going so far as to tell us that “we were skeptical because the reviews sounded too good to be true”, but decided to call and gave us the opportunity to serve their family and every single time we hear “Now I understand what everyone was raving about, you guys really are the best movers we’ve ever used”. Pictures are worth a thousand words and instead of just talking the talk we show we can walk the walk by posting videos and pictures of crews on site wrapping, stacking and interacting with our customers so you have the ability to see the same type of quality and white glove service that each of our valued customers receive. Moving horror stories and experiences are all too common unfortunately with most movers Winter Haven FL businesses. In this industry, we pride ourselves in being at the tip of the spear working hard to help change that image one family at a time by hiring, retaining and sending polite, hard working professionals with years of experience to your home to take care of your belongings like they were our own.

Our mission and vision are to continue to grow and build on our successful foundation allowing us to play a bigger role in serving both people in our community and surrounding communities. That’s where you come in, your support in spreading the word by leaving reviews and testimonials on google, Facebook and at the family reunion are vital and we’d like to ask if you’ve used any of our highly rated professional services to please take a minute and share your experience. Why is it so important to share your experience? We simply do things that other companies won’t do or charge additional for with a smile on our face. Some companies don’t do long distance moves nor are allowed to lawfully operate across state lines; were fully licensed, insured and hold all documentation required by the department of transportation and the state to move you anywhere in the nation decreasing your level of stress and making life a little easier during this life changing event. Local & long distance, home & office, car transportation, pianos, gun safes, large appliances, packing, junk removal, television & ceiling fan installation, pickup & delivery, building & setting up new furniture, commercial staging, military moves, senior relocation, organization & decluttering, appliance delivery & installation, donating your used items to veterans & families in need, veteran owned and operated; we are, Veteran Moving Group, “Movers With Integrity.” Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your movers Winter Haven FL choice!